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Raina Thomas

Sinaiyaah Shields


Our Journey

My name is Raina. Not too long ago, I finally decided to start my spiritual awakening because I just wasn't happy with where I was in life and practicing spirituality, I'm starting to have a different perspective in life and for the better. I've been through too much trauma in my life for me not to try to heal and become the best version of myself. A couple of things that have really helped me along this journey is waking up in the morning and going on a walk around the block and stretching and meditating while listening to frequencies that I feel match my energy that day. I've started eating better, waking up earlier, and started talking nice to myself. Least to say this is the best, most life-changing decision I've ever made.
Hello, my name is Sinaiyaah. I don't really relate to a lot of things in life, but one thing I really connect to is my spirituality and energy. When I was younger I had the ability to see things in my dreams before they happened and also could see my spirit guides, but as I got older, I lost my ways, and to get it back I do a lot of manifesting in my dreams and if I don't speak on it, them seem to always come true. I am very grateful to have a way to center myself and be as stress-free as I can be.